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October 25, 2019

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Welcome to
Fenton Gift Shop!

For those of you who can not visit Fenton Gift Shop, we are pleased to offer you a virtual tour, using photos, of the selection of beautiful handcrafted glass and unique gift items currently available at Fenton Gift Shop. We invite you to browse the photos shown in this week's newsletter. This is a great opportunity for those of you who missed ordering one of the Limited Edition pieces. If you would like to purchase any of these items, please contact Fenton Gift Shop to order.


Keep in mind that quantities are very limited with just one or two of each item available. Shipping as well as "in-store" pickup is available. Prices have been added in each photo. Sales tax and shipping are additional.

Fenton Gift Shop

2242 Williams Highway, Suite 108, Williamstown, WV  26187
(Located in a small strip mall on State Route 14 in Boaz)

Hours: 10 a.m. - 4 p.m. (ET) Tuesday-Saturday
800-319-7793, ext. 342 u

A limited inventory of "blanks" (undecorated glass) are available.

Handcrafted in Opal, Ruby and Eggplant colors, these blanks will be available for purchase until October 30 and are limited to two per customer. After that date, you may call and request additional blanks if any still remain.


Opal Blanks

The figurines shown are priced per each item. 

6.5" Angel Girl, $30

3.75" Egg on Stand, $25


6.5" Tree, $35


3" dia. Ringholder, $20


4" Snowman, $35


7" Bridesmaid Doll, $40

Eggplant Blanks: Priced per each item. 
3.5" Sitting Bear figurine, $$35
2.75" Mouse figurine, $35

Ruby Blanks: 5.75" Ghost figurine, $40

3" diameter Ringholder (Daisy & Button pattern), $20


Browse the items shown in this newsletter and call Fenton Gift Shop: 800-319-7793, ext. 342 or email: to order or for more information. We offer FedEx Ground and USPS shipping as well as "in-store" pickup. Prices have been added to each photo. Sales tax and shipping are additional.


Orange Hobnail Bell, $35

MEOW Sitting Cat figurine with Randy Fenton signature, $80

Trick or Treat Pumpkinhead figurine, $115

Orange Hobnail Cat Slipper, $25

Starry Night Witch figurine, $110

Above, left to right:
Mother's Kiss Vase, $220

Mountain Lions Vase, $210

Vintage Overlay
Pitcher, $95

Wagon Ride Vase,



Shown at left:
Cardinal Family Vase, $220

Vintage Candy Dish, $45,

Chocolate Koi Fish,

Female Tanager Bird, $70

Catfish Delight
Covered Box, $95

Mountain Lions Vase, $210

Left to right:
Margay Kittens Vase,  $220

Ruby-throated Hummingbird Paperweight, $110

Hummingbird Family Vase, $220

Vintage Chocolate Cat,

Horse Paperweight,

Vintage Chocolate Bunny,



Snow Buddies Vase, $140


Pine Cones & Ornaments Stylized Cat, $95


Let It Snow Covered Box, $95


Sid 'n Sally Snowcouple Pair, $140


Ron Hinkle hand blown Ornament, Blue Iridized, $18 (assorted colors available)


Vintage Ruby Bell, $45


Hobnail Double Ball Lamp, $250

Baltimore Oriole Vase, $170
Covered Candy Dish, $55,

Hobnail Covered Butter Dish, $35
Bird Figurine, $29

Pink Overlay Vase, $75

Birds Vase, $180

Chickadee Paperweight, $70

Pink Butterfly on Stand, $45
Eggplant Floral Bear, $80

Vintage Blue Bowl, $45; Heron Vase, $250;
Turtle Figurine, $75; and Vintage Hobnail Vase, $25


Vintage items: Hummingbird, $45; Tulip Vase, $85;

Bear, $39; Mouse, $39; Bird, $39; Elephant, $39;
and Stylized Cat, $45



If you would like further information or want to purchase any of the items shown in this newsletter please call Fenton Gift Shop: 800-319-7793, ext. 342 or send us an email: to order.


We offer FedEx Ground and USPS shipping as well as
"in-store" pickup. Prices have been added to each photo. Sales tax and shipping are additional.

Vintage Bud Vase, $25;
Vintage Colonial Green Bowl, $65

Hobnail Sugar & Creamer Set, $45

Vintage Shepherd with Lambs Ruby Bell, $55;
Poinsettia Snowman, $120; Curious Kittens Fairy Light, $95; Rudy 'n Santa Ruby Mouse, $80

RETURN POLICY: Returns are accepted on "undamaged" items. Returns are to be shipped within 30 days of receipt, at customer expense, to the Fenton Gift Shop, 2242 Williams Hwy., #108, Williamstown, WV 26187. A 5% restocking fee will be applied for this return. For damaged items, contact Fenton Gift Shop: 800-319-7793, ext. 342.

Glass Identification Requests. . .

We no longer have staff to research inquiries about glass: value, history, identification, etc. Reference books on Fenton Art Glass do not include current price guides. We suggest you contact your local antiques dealer, the local library, or one of the collector clubs:


The Williamstown Antique Mall (local) may also assist you: 304-375-6315 or email:
A piece like yours may be listed on eBay, which can provide current pricing information. Otherwise, please email glass "production" questions to: For info on selling or placing a value on your Fenton Art Glass, click here.

Fenton Art Glass eBay Auctions. . .
Here's your opportunity to own a lovely and unqiue "one-of-a-kind" Fenton Art Glass creation through our weekly Fenton Art Glass eBay auctions. The photo below shows different views of each OOAK item. These Fenton's eBay auctions will end at 2 p.m. ET on Wednesday, October 30. Items featured this week. . .

Fenton artist Michelle Kibbe loves to do hand painting that depicts birds, and this one-of-a-kind Opal Satin Santa
figurine (8" tall) really showcases her talents and skills. The various birdhouses and blue birds in flight have a
wonderfully whimsical quality to them, and the many details add to the eye appeal of this hand painted Santa figurine. The birdhouses are set amidst stylized green holly leaves and red berries, and the birdhouses themselves are vivid colors ... blue, red, and yellow! Santa's robe has lots of holly and berries, too (and look for the snowflakes). Just take a peek
at Santa's list ... "bird seed, suet and corn!" This one-of-a-kind hand painted Opal Satin Santa figurine is identified,
dated and signed inside: "hand painted by M. Kibbe 2019 OOAK".

Fenton artist Kim Barley designed and hand painted this splendid one-of-a-kind Burmese glass pitcher (5.25" tall). Kim's Ruby-throated Hummingbird searches for nectar amidst flowers of vivid red-orange-yellow hues, and delicate purple flowers and green foliage can also be seen. The pitcher displays a pattern called Beaded Melon, and this motif was first
in the Fenton line in the late 1940s. Burmese is a classic Fenton glass color, made with pure gold in the glass batch,
and special reheating techniques mastered by Fenton glassworkers create the delicate pink blush that collectors love. Note the applied ribbed handle. This one-of-a-kind hand painted Burmese pitcher is identified, dated and signed:
"Kim Barley 2019 OOAK". These Fenton's eBay auctions will end at 2 p.m. ET on Wednesday, October 30.

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