Frequently Asked Questions About Selling or Valuing Fenton Art Glass

What is the value of my Fenton Art Glass item?
 Since we are not active in the secondary market, we do not attempt to estimate values of older items. There are several ways to get estimated values including searching for similar items on eBay (look for “completed listings”) or the internet or visiting your local antique shop.  One antique shop that is very knowledgeable about older items is the Williamstown Antique Mall in Williamstown, WV. You can email them pictures at Understand that such requests often take time and research to satisfy accurately and appraising even a small collection would deserve an appropriate appraisal fee.

  How can I sell my Fenton collection?
Many Fenton items are being sold on eBay and Facebook. See the article below. If you have a larger collection, then you could consider an auction. One of the most
experienced Fenton auctioneers is Randy Clark Auctions in Dexter City, Ohio. See their website at Another Auctioneer is Mike Voshel. You may contact him at the Williamstown Auction Center          E.4th St. Williamstown WV26187 or (304) 375-5815.

What is the history of my Fenton Art Glass item? Sometimes we can answer these questions but there is no complete reference on Fenton history. The best start is to purchase some of the Fenton history books. These include Fenton Glass: The First Twenty-five Years (by Heacock); Fenton Glass: The Second Twenty-five Years  (by Heacock); Fenton Glass: The Third Twenty-five Years (by Heacock);                                  

Fenton Glass: The 1980s Decade  (by   Measell); Fenton Glass: The 1990s Decade (by Measell); and Fenton Glass: Especially for QVC (by Measell). There are also a number of chat groups that are good sources of information on the identification and history of individual items.

See the article below.

Article reprint from a National Fenton Glass Society newsletter written by Becki Ann Selby:
Facebook – the New eBay?
 Facebook seems to have taken over eBay as a top Fenton buying and selling venue. There are several really       good groups on there for buying and selling. It seems sellers are enjoying not having to pay the eBay fees and are creating many groups. I do suggest checking out the groups to make sure they are upstanding and never send payment through PayPal ‘Friends & Family’ unless you know and trust the seller. Most of the groups ban anyone that isn’t a trustworthy seller, but as always, be careful.

Here are a few of the groups I frequently visit: Fenton Art Glass For Sale or Trade;  Fenton Art Glass Freedom Auctions; Super Fenton art glass deals and community auctions; Authentic Fenton Art Glass For Sale or Trade; and Fenton Glass for Sale or Trade.

 There are also several collector groups, that are strictly for identifying Fenton and discussing your collection. You will find many of the members from the old Yahoo groups are on these. I’ve enjoyed getting back in touch with some of my old friends.

Here are a few of these: Fenton Art Glass Collectors & Information; Fenton Art Glass Critter Lovers Collecting Group; Fenton Art Glass Rare, Scarce & Hard To Find; Fenton Art Glass Fans: Fenton Art Glass Collectors: and Fenton Lamp Collectors. Our club also has a Facebook group, National   Fenton Glass Society (NFGS), where we post upcoming events, news and chat.  It seems like more and more people are no longer sending emails.

And Facebook is a great way to stay in touch and meet new Fenton friends!

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