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October 2, 2015

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Fenton USA Jewelry Announces New Business Partnership. . .

To Fenton Art Glass Collectors and Jewelry Fans,


Fenton USA Jewelry is pleased to announce a new relationship with the John Barton Company of Philadelphia, PA. Our goal is to increase our product offerings and marketing reach and we are very excited about the prospects.

 John Barton markets fine menís jewelry. Len Davis, owner of John Barton, and his staff are also very interested in glass and all of its potential. Their current business is built around major national retailers and includes a number of name designer lines. They have a strong design staff who will be working to bring new design directions to the Fenton Art Glass Jewelry brand, starting in 2016. This background will be a very good fit with the special history and skills of Fenton.

See for an overview of their current products.


We are pleased to introduce a line of cufflinks from John Barton. These cufflinks include unique styles. Shown below are cufflinks created with glass as a major element. John Barton's cufflink designs are very distinctive and high quality.


Best personal regards,


George W. Fenton


Please click on the image of each pair of Cufflinks to order.

NOW AVAILABLE From Fenton USA Jewelry. . .


Show your team spirit in style with our NEW Dangle Earring styles! Included in our Collegiate Jewelry collection, each handcrafted earring is decorated with officially licensed artwork for each college or university. Our Collegiate earrings feature Milk Glass beads with hand applied decorations, glass accents and sterling silver accents and earwires.

In an age of mass production, Fenton remains committed to honoring the tradition
of expressive, handmade creations. Each Fenton USA earring bears the signature of handcraftsmanship, those slight variations that convey distinction, character and charm.

Click on each earring pair to order. More schools
are being added weekly, so be sure to check back to see what's new!

NEW Limited Editions from Fenton Gift Shop. . .

Fenton Gift Shop is pleased to offer these four new Opal Satin Limited Edition selections. Each piece, featuring designs by our award-winning Fenton artists, will be hand painted, signed and dated. Included in this grouping are owl and bear figurines and a Square Vase handcrafted by Mosser Glass, and a large Amphora Vase with stand handcrafted at Davis-Lynch Glass Co. Each piece was made exclusively for the Fenton Gift Shop using a Fenton mould.


Just in time to complete your Halloween tabletop display! Our Opal Satin 6" Owl figurine features a delightful Halloween design by
Kim Barley. We wanted to show all sides of this figurine so you can see Kim's colorful and whimsical details

. . . from the candy corn talons, polka dotted chest and striped legs to the spider hanging from its web and the moon and stars on the back side. Note the witch's cap with dangling red star on the head! Each Halloween Owl figurine is $95 and is limited to 11 pieces.


Shown at left is an Opal Satin
12.5" Amphora Vase with stand
(14" in stand) with a winter scene encircling the vase that was designed by Robin Spindler. You'll love the details: snow-covered evergreens, a bunny hopping in the snow, a deer wandering along the fence line, and a horse-drawn sleigh. Robin's cheery cabin in the woods at the top of this vase  completes this piece.
Each Winter Sleigh Ride
Amphora with stand is $250.

Pre-orders for the Halloween Owl figurine and Winter Sleigh Ride Amphora with stand will be accepted until midnight on Monday, October 5th.

Kim Barley used her creativity to transform this bear into a playful penguin! This figurine is warmly dressed and ready to go out and
play in the snow! Perfect gift for the figurine collector or treat
yourself! Each Playful Penguin Bear figurine is $75.

Frances Burton's winter-themed design is perfect for the Opal Satin Square Vase shown below. Each panel continues the scene which includes two homes nestled in the snowy countryside, lush evergreen trees and brown and white fences encircling the vase.
Each Winter in the Country Square Vase is $160.

Pre-orders for the Playful Penguin Bear figurine and the
Winter in the Country Square Vase will be accepted until midnight on Wednesday, October 7th.


To pre-order any of these Limited Edition selections, please
contact the Fenton Gift Shop: 1-800-319-7793, ext. 342 or via email:
You may also request we
add your email address to Fenton Gift Shop's mailing list so you may receive future "limited edition" notifications.

Fenton Gift Shop's hours are Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday from 10 a.m.- 3 p.m. ET and closed Sunday, Monday and Tuesday.

Frequent Buyer Program. . . Earn YOUR Free Limited Edition Bead!
Here's your opportunity to receive a beautiful limited edition bead absolutely FREE!
Simply purchase ten beads from any authorized Fenton jewelry dealer or from our website: and you'll qualify for a bonus bead!
Click here for details!
Current offerings are the Gracie (decorated) and Mikayla (Vasa Murrhina) beads shown at right.
Click here to view our handcrafted art glass beads. NOTE: If you have purchased ten beads,
let us know if we haven't notified you. . . please email: and put "Frequent Buyer Qualifier" in the subject line.

Fenton Custom Designs for Beads. . .
We've received many requests for specially designed beads. Most of these designs are exclusive to one retailer or organization, so we can not sell them on our website. If your group or store is interested in a custom designed bead, please call for details at 800-933-6766, ext. 209. Click here to view custom designed beads with contact info for the retailers or organization from whom you may purchase them. Be sure to check back as we will be updating this list regularly! Please contact the retailer or organization listed beside each Custom Design bead and be
sure to say you saw it mentioned in the Fenton Newsletter!

Fenton's Weekly eBay Auctions. . .

Here's your opportunity to own
a unique, rare, or one-of-a-kind item, through our weekly eBay Auctions!
Shown here are our latest offerings: a beautiful Cased Glass Vase with a handpainted "Bluebird" design by Fenton designer Robin Spindler, a black and white photo of Fenton Art Glassworkers (circa 1925), and
an original "pucellas" glassmaking tool used in our factory by a skilled glassworker.

Items featured this week. . .


This one-of-a-kind 11" tall vase by award-winning Fenton designer Robin Spindler is a sight to behold! The vivid colors of the wonderfully detailed, hand painted Bluebird stand out on this interesting shape made by Fenton Art Glass several years ago. The background is equally interesting, as Robin used airbrushing and delicate sand carving skills to create the foliage and two exotic dragonflies! The handpainted elements have great texture and details. This black glass cased with Red glass vase has a special cursive "F" Fenton logo and is identified, signed and dated on the underside: "designed by J. K. Spindler, hand painted by J. K. Spindler 2015 Ö OOAK".

Taken about 1917 or 1918, the 8" x 10" black-and-white photo shows a large group of glassworkers at Fenton art Glass in Williamstown, West Virginia. Unfortunately, only one person, factory manager Jacob Rosenthal, has been positively identified in this picture. We wish we could tell you more about this great piece of Fenton history!

Here's a rare opportunity to acquire a tool actually used by a skilled glassworker at the Fenton Art Glass Company in Williamstown, West Virginia, USA. This tool is called "jacks" by the glassworkers, and the original term for it was "pucellas." The pucellas or jacks is used by the glassworker who is called a finisher, as he sits at a bench and uses the tool to crimp or otherwise shape the glass. This tool has inscribed initials "JH," so we know it was used by Jerry Hayes, who worked at Fenton for more than 40 years.

Be sure to take a look at these offerings and other "Buy It Now" items available on our Fenton eBay Auctions.
This Fenton eBay auction ends at noon (ET) on Wednesday, October 7th.


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