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March 9, 2018

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Fenton Art Glass March Specials. . .

The online specials from the Fenton Art Glass Company continue for the month of March. . . please note that these items are available while supplies last. In many cases there may be just one of an item that remains in inventory. Visit our web site: or click on the categories shown below to browse the current offerings.

SPECIAL NOTE: We are having issues with our online shopping cart. While we work to resolve them, please email any requests and orders to and include a daytime telephone number for a confirmation email. Include the item#, name, advertised price and quantity you wish to order. Orders above $50 will receive free shipping via USPS. A $3.50 shipping charge will be added to all orders $50 and under.

NEW Limited Editions from Fenton Gift Shop. . .
We are pleased to offer new Limited Edition selections for pre-orders. Each piece features a hand painted design and will be signed, numbered and dated by one of our talented designers. These Limited Edition pieces were handcrafted by Mosser Glass (using the Fenton moulds) for the Fenton Gift Shop, with the exception of the Iceberg Paperweight and the Lighthouse Fairy Light.

Cast a soft, warm light in any room with our 8" Fairy Light Lighthouse. This Lighthouse was handcrafted in Opal Satin glass (base) and crystal (top) at Fenton Collectibles using the Fenton Art Glass moulds that were not used for production before glassmaking halted at Fenton in 2011.


Kim Barley created an inspirational design we call "Dream Higher" on this 8" Lighthouse Fairy Light. The phrase "Dream higher than
the Sky. . . Deeper than the Ocean" is hand lettered in a golden color around the base. Kim's hand painted symbols of the sea are marvelous and encircle the Fairy Light. Close-up views of a life preserver, shells, starfish and an anchor are shown at right. Bubbles, blue waves and gold accents complete this set.  Each Fairy Light includes a battery-operated tea light. Each Dream Higher Lighthouse is $125.


Below: Michelle Kibbe's hand painted scene of a ground squirrel munching on a tasty strawberry treat is delightful! This 5.5" wide x 7" tall Cobalt Iceberg Paperweight was made by Mosser Glass and provides the perfect canvas for Michelle Kibbe's design.

Did you know. . . how to tell the difference between a chipmunk and a ground squirrel? The ground squirrel has a white ring around the eye and body stripes like chipmunks, but it has no head stripes. Each Ground Squirrel Cobalt Iceberg Paperweight is $90.

Michelle Kibbe created an elegant design on this 9.75" Opal Satin Vase that features stylized swallows, lush vining flowers and band accents in a brick red color. When Michelle brought us this vase to photograph, it received a lot of "oohs" and "aahs" in the office! The brushstrokes on the delicate flowers and within the color bands are meticulously executed. Michelle created a wonderful background in a golden-light brown color to complement the darker red-orange shades she used on this vase. Each Stylized Swallows Vase is $150.


Pre-orders for the Dream Higher Lighthouse Fairy Light, Ground Squirrel Cobalt Iceberg Paperweight and the Stylized Swallow Vase will be accepted until midnight (ET) on Monday, March 12, 2018. To place your pre-order, please call Fenton Gift Shop: 1-800-319-7793, ext. 342 or email: and include the names of the items you want to purchase in the subject line as well as your full name and daytime phone number. You may also request we add your email address to our mailing list for future Limited Edition specials!

Our 10" Opal Satin Vase will make quite the statement when on display in your home! Robin Spindler's hand painted design features a regal mother cheetah resting in the tall grass. A watchful cub stands close by her side. Another cub, looking curious, is hand painted on the other side of this vase. Robin added gold and white banding and "cheetah spots" to the top and bottom to frame her scene. Did you know. . . Research shows that the fastest human beings can run 40 miles an hour, but average closer to 12-15 mph. The cheetah, on the other hand, is the fastest animal in the world and can reach speeds of up to 61 miles per hour! Each Cheetah Family Vase is $200.

Our 11" Jadeite Alley Cat provides the perfect background for Kim Barley's hand painted scene of a small duckling peeking out from amongst the cattails. Kim added a beautiful lotus blossom on one side and vibrant daisies on the other side. The cat also sports a golden collar. As always, the Alley Cat's mischievous expression is wonderful. Each Lotus Blossom Duckling Alley Cat is $225.

These adorable mouse figurines are ready for Easter with whimsical hand painted designs by Kim Barley. Each Opal Satin 2.75" figurine has an airbrushed background of pastel colors, large brown eyes and a big grin. Kim added polka dots on the ears and an egg design on the front.


"Pinky", the girl mouse, has a large daisy adorning the top of the head and a chick design on the egg. "Bleu" the boy mouse, sports a bunny design on his egg and a colorful kite design with white bows on the tail. Images below show different views of these figurines. The Pinky 'n Bleu Mouse Figurine pair is $140 or $75 each.


Pre-orders for the Cheetah Family Vase, Lotus Blossom Duckling Alley Cat and the Pinky 'n Bleu Figurines will be accepted until midnight (ET) on Wednesday, March 14, 2018.

To place your pre-order, please call Fenton Gift Shop: 1-800-319-7793, ext. 342 or send us an email:
and include the names of the items you want to purchase in the subject line as well as your full name and daytime phone number.

Fenton Gift Shop has received a limited quantity of glass pendants handcrafted by Dave Fetty for $75 each with free  shipping via the postal service. These glass pendants are available while supplies last and were handcrafted by Dave at Mosser Glass. His personal stamp and handwritten signature are on the back of each pendant (clean with care). Sizes and colors vary, but most are about 1-1/2" in diameter. A 24" chain is provided with each pendant except number 1, which has an 18" silver plated chain. To order your Dave Fetty Pendant, please contact Fenton Gift Shop and mention the number (shown in the photo) of the pendant you wish to purchase. Please call: 800-319-7793, ext. 342 or 304-375-7772 or send us an email:

Fenton Gift Shops . . . Handcrafted Glass & More!

Visit Fenton Gift Shop and browse our beautiful selection of handcrafted Fenton Art Glass  available in a rainbow of colors and glass treatments. Choose from limited edition and vintage Fenton Art Glass, handcrafted Fenton jewelry and unique gift ideas for any occasion.


Fenton Gift Shop is located at
2242 Williams Highway, Suite 108 in Williamstown, WV (State Route 14 in Boaz).

Hours: 10 a.m.-4 p.m. ET

Phone: 800-319-7793
or 304-375-7772

Glass Identification Requests. . .

We no longer have staff to research inquiries about glass: value, history, identification, etc. Reference books on Fenton Art Glass do not include current price guides. We suggest you contact your local antiques dealer, the local library, or one of the collector clubs: The Williamstown Antique Mall (local) may also provide assistance: 304-375-6315 or email: A piece like yours may be listed on eBay, which can provide current pricing information. Otherwise, please send email inquiries about glass "production" to:

Fenton Art Glass eBay Auctions. . .
Here's your opportunity to own a beautiful "one-of-a-kind" art glass creation or items from Fenton's past through our weekly eBay auctions. These auctions end on Wednesday, March 14. Remember to set your clocks forward in some parts of the country. Items featured this week. . .

This wonderful, one-of-a-kind hand painted Fenton Art Glass Lotus Mist Burmese basket (8" tall) by Fenton artist Michelle Kibbe is a sure sign that Spring is on its way! Lotus Mist Burmese is a classic Fenton color that contains pure gold, and special reheating techniques by our glassworkers were needed to create the delicate pink blush. Michelle's hand painted design combines a wonderful delicate butterfly with rich green foliage and splendid lush flowers in a variety of colors, as you can see in the photos. Note the dramatic crimp style and the fine rib twisted handle.

With satin finished Opal Satin glass for her canvas, Fenton artist Michelle Kibbe designed and hand painted this splendid one-of-a-kind covered candy jar (9.5" tall). The yellow baby chicks (we can almost hear them chirp!) and the colorful flowers and green foliage are perfectly executed, and all the other hand painted details are simply marvelous. Delicate airbrushing frames the scenes, which completely encircle the candy jar. Made by Mosser Glass, using the Fenton mould, exclusively for the Fenton Gift Shop.

Award-winning Fenton designer Robin Spindler was inspired to go "outside the box" when she designed and hand painted this "pre-historic" one-of-a-kind paperweight (7" tall, 5.5" wide at base). We can almost hear this T-Rex Dinosaur roar as the volcano erupts in the distance and the earth shakes! The meticulous hand painting and colors convey quite a sense of excitement. This Cobalt Blue paperweight was produced at Mosser Glass.
These auctions will end on Wednesday, March 14, 2018. REMINDER: Be aware of the time change on March 11 in some areas of the country.

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