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February 23, 2018

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Fenton Art Glass "To Teach" Pendant Special . . . 

This Fenton "To Teach" Pendant was designed as a joint effort by Jena Lane Blair and Truda "TJ" Mendenhall. The inspiration behind their design? Teachers "Touching lives forever" which is on the back of this pendant. This would make a wonderful keepsake gift for someone!

The glass part measures approximately 3/4'' wide and the overall size is 1-1/2'' tall. Fenton USA Jewelry is handcrafted with quality and tested for durability and will fit most jewelry accessories, including our own line of handcrafted jewelry accessories. Each pendant was handcrafted at our factory in Williamstown, WV and is initialed by the artist who completed it.  This pendant is available for 45% discount + $3.50 shipping while supplies last.

To Teach Pendant, Originally $75, Now $41.25 While Supplies Last! Buy Now!


Items shown below are the remaining inventory from the Fenton Art Glass Company and are available while supplies last. In many cases there may be just one or two of an item. Orders must be ordered via our web site: in order to receive the current online discount. SPECIAL NOTE: Orders above $50 will receive free shipping via USPS.
A $3.50 shipping charge will be added to all orders $50 and under.


Faith, Hope and Love Bead on Leather Bracelet
$45, NOW $27.00, Buy Now!

Fishers of Men Bead on Leather Bracelet
$45, NOW $27.00, Buy Now!

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NEW Limited Editions from Fenton Gift Shop. . .
We are pleased to offer new Limited Edition selections for pre-orders. Each piece features a hand painted design and will be signed, numbered and dated by one of our talented designers. These Limited Edition pieces were handcrafted by Mosser Glass (using the Fenton moulds) for the Fenton Gift Shop, with the exception of the Iceberg Paperweights.

Kim Barley designed a wonderful scene of coneflowers with a monarch-style butterfly for our 11" Opal Satin vase. She added a speckled background with golden tones around the top and bottom of the vase. Her brushstrokes are meticulously executed. Kim added a delicate frame around the scene on the front of the vase. Additional coneflowers encircle the vase. Each Coneflower Butterfly Vase is $150.

Made by Mosser Glass, this (5.5" wide x 7" tall) Crystal Iceberg Paperweight provides a wonderful canvas for Michelle Kibbe's hand painted scene of wild roses in full bloom and a wren. The large blooms of the wild roses in soft hues of pink and white are framed by the green foliage and delicate pink and white flowers. Each Wild Roses 'n Wren Iceberg Paperweight is $100.

Fenton Gift Shop Calendar Bear Collection!
Our adorable 3.5" Opal Satin Sitting Bear figurine. . . the perfect gift to celebrate a birthday, birth of a child, anniversary or other special occasion. . . or treat yourself!


Kim Barley hand painted each Opal Satin Bear in natural brown tones with flowers designating each month. Note the wonderful brown eyes and the expression on the face! The "May" Bear features an Anemone and the "June" Bear features a blue Iris. Kim also hand lettered the name of each month (shown at right).

Each Calendar Bear Figurine is $55. Please specify the month and quantity for
each figurine when you place your pre-order.

Watch this newsletter for new additions to our Calendar Bear Collection.
These months are also available for orders: January, February, March and April.

Pre-orders for the Coneflower Butterfly Vase, Wild Roses 'n Wren Paperweight and the May and June Calendar Bear Figurines will be accepted until midnight (ET) on Monday, February 26, 2018. To place your pre-order, please call Fenton Gift Shop: 1-800-319-7793, ext. 342 or email: and include the names of the items you want to purchase in the subject line as well as your full name and daytime phone number. You may also request we add your email address to our mailing list for future Limited Edition specials!

The elegant shape of our
10" Opal Satin Vase is the perfect canvas for Robin Spindler's design featuring beautiful ruby-throated hummingbirds, lilies and pink flowers. The hand painted details on the birds and the flower blossoms are simply breathtaking and a tribute
to Robin's talent. She added delicate scrolling and stripe accents. Each Lilies 'n Hummingbirds Vase is $160.

This Cobalt Blue Iceberg Paperweight, made by Mosser Glass, will make a dramatic statement when on display in your home. Kim Barley created a winter landscape that includes flying birds, craggy rocks, green pines, and barren trees with a Mountain Lion in the foreground. Those eyes appear to be gazing intently at you. Kim's hand painted details are amazing. Each Iceberg Paperweight is 5" tall x 7" long. Each Mountain Lion Iceberg Paperweight is $95.

Designed by Michelle Kibbe, our 5.75" Opal Satin Ghost figurine is ready to "Welcome Spring" with open arms and a big smile! Michelle's design includes a bright rose-pink butterfly seeking nectar from colorful white and blue flowers. She added more flowers on the back side of the figurine. The entire figurine is painted in soft hues of blue, pink and yellow.  Each Butterfly 'n Daisies Ghost Figurine is $115.


Pre-orders for the Lilies 'n Hummingbirds Vase, Mountain Lion Paperweight and Butterfly 'n Daisies Ghost Figurine will be accepted until midnight (ET) on Wednesday, February 28, 2018. To pre-order, please call Fenton Gift Shop: 1-800-319-7793, ext. 342 or email: and include the names of the items you want to purchase in the subject line. Please include your full name and daytime phone number.

Fenton Gift Shop Gift Ideas. . .

Visit Fenton Gift Shop for a great selection of unique glass and gift items, including our remaining inventory of handcrafted Fenton jewelry. A variety of glass, including vintage Fenton as well as NEW Limited Editions, are available. Shown here are some of our handcrafted glass pieces, including ringholders, figurines and vintage Fenton.

Fenton Gift Shop, 2242 Williams Hwy., Suite 108

in Williamstown (State Route 14 in Boaz)

HOURS: Tuesday - Saturday 10 a.m.-4 p.m. (ET).
800-317-7793 or 304-375-7772

Glass Identification Requests. . .

We no longer have staff to research inquiries about glass: value, history, identification, etc. Reference books on Fenton Art Glass do not include current price guides. We suggest you contact your local antiques dealer, the local library, or one of the collector clubs: The Williamstown Antique Mall (local) may also provide assistance: 304-375-6315 or email: A piece like yours may be listed on eBay, which can provide current pricing information. Otherwise, please send email inquiries about glass "production" to:

Fenton Art Glass eBay Auctions. . .
Here's your opportunity to own a beautiful "one-of-a-kind" art glass creation through our weekly eBay auctions. These auctions will end at noon (ET) on Wednesday, February 28. Items featured this week. . .

Created in 2011 at Glass Axis Studio in Columbus, Ohio by internationally-recognized glass artist, Doug Frates, this impressive 11-1/8” tall art piece was one of several commissioned by Tom Fenton for his Artful Remembrance project. Doug Frates calls this style of coloring "Sedona," and it is one of the silvered finishes for which he has become famous. Doug Frates is a United States Marine who served in Iraq in 2003. This piece also has a black ring around the top and is signed by Doug Frates. His signature is large, but it blends in, so you need to look closely near the bottom of the piece. The finished bottom of the vase reveals the characteristic pontil mark typical of offhand glass artistry. The bottom surface also displays an inscribed alphanumeric Artful Remembrance identification code.

With Spring not too far away (hopefully!), this wonderful one-of-a-kind hand painted vase (10.25" tall) from award-winning Fenton designer Robin Spindler has us thinking about where to place the hummingbird feeders. We love the Ruby-Throated Hummingbirds, and Robin's splendid depiction of a nesting pair with their offspring really has us dazzled! The lush flowers and foliage frame the scene, but the birds themselves steal the show ... whether in flight, gathering nectar or feeding the hungry youngster! All the hand painted details from feathers to flowers are meticulously executed and appear three-dimensional with Robin’s painting techniques. She included a beautiful sponge-like finish in gold to the top of this vase. This vase is cased glass, with a dark ruby interior and a satin-finished black glass exterior.

This adorable 3.5" Opal Satin Sitting Bear figurine has a wonderful one-of-a-kind hand painted design by award-winning Fenton designer Kim Barley. Note the wonderful bright eyes and the expression on the face! Kim transformed this figurine into a soft white/cream colored bear and added pink/beige details, including food pads, claws and a pink nose. She added a gray tones to the face. This figurine was made exclusively for Fenton Gift Shop by another U.S. Glass manufacturer, Mosser Glass, using the Fenton mould. These auctions will end at noon (ET) on Wednesday, February 28.

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