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December 22, 2017

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Fenton Art Glass Presents. . . Holiday Greetings!

Merry Christmas from all of us at
Fenton Art Glass and Fenton Gift Shop.


During this wonderful season of the year,
we're looking forward to sharing time with our close families and nearby friends, not to mention the smiles, handshakes and hugs from those we see less often. The sights and sounds of Christmas never fail to fill us with reverence and awe.

We hope all of you will share with us the joy and meaning of Christmas. . .
Peace on Earth and Goodwill Among All.

(Vintage display. . . no longer available for purchase.)

George W. Fenton, President, Fenton Art Glass

Randy Fenton, President, Fenton Gift Shop

Fenton Gift Shop Holiday Schedule. . .
Fenton Gift Shop will be closed next week (December 25-January 1) and will re-open on Tuesday, January 2, 2018. The next Fenton eNewsletter will be sent January 4, 2018.

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Essence of Spring Pendant
The art glass part of this lovely Essence of Spring Pendant features a hand applied decoration designed by
Truda ''TJ'' Mendenhall.
A sprig of Wisteria blossoms adorns the Pendant with the theme "Ah remember. . .
so lovely.''

Originally $75, Now $48.75
Buy Now! (Starts at 8 p.m. ET 12/21)

NEW Limited Editions from Fenton Gift Shop. . .
We are pleased to offer these new Limited Edition selections for pre-orders. Each piece features a hand painted design and will be signed, numbered and dated by one of our talented designers. Each Limited Edition piece was handcrafted by Mosser Glass, using Fenton moulds, exclusively for the Fenton Gift Shop.

Our 11" Cobalt Alley Cat provides a unique painting area for Kim Barley's design featuring a watchful Buck Deer standing in a wintry landscape with a cabin in the background. Kim used the shape of this figurine to create an interesting snow covered scene with the large Buck as the main focus of the design. The hand painted details are marvelous... from the snow-covered pines and barren trees to the watchful expression on the face of the Buck. Note that mischievous grin on the Alley Cat! Each Winter's Deer Alley Cat is $230.

This 6" Opal Satin Angel Boy Figurine is a perfect piece to display all season long! Michelle Kibbe's design is beautiful to behold!

Michelle's hand painted scene includes a country church with a snow-covered roof and golden light shining from its windows. Tall, green pines provide a perfect frame around the church.


Michelle added a colorful, large holly sprig, complete with sparkling red berries, in the foreground. She also added extra sparkle to the trees, church and to the Angel's wings. Each Church & Holly Boy Angel Figurine is $90.

All cats love their treats and this kitty is making sure that his holiday basket is filled with all of his favorites! Michelle Kibbe transformed our 3.5" Opal Satin Sitting Cat Figurine into an adorable kitty decked out in a warm winter hat (with ear cut-outs) and scarf. His "treat basket" sports a colorful snowman face and the word "treats". Note those big golden brown eyes! Each Cat Treats Sitting Cat Figurine is $75.


Pre-orders for the Winter's Deer Alley Cat, Church & Holly Boy Angel and Cat Treats Sitting Cat Figurines will be accepted until midnight (ET) on Monday, December 25, 2017.

To place your pre-order, please call the Fenton Gift Shop: 1-800-319-7793, ext. 342 or send us an email:
and include the names of the items you want to purchase in the subject line, as well as your full name and daytime phone number so we may follow-up on your order. You may also request that we add your name to our mailing list to receive news about future Limited Edition offerings.

Our 10.75" Opal Satin Vase becomes an elegant display piece with Robin Spindler's hand painted Hummingbirds and flowers design. Three hummingbirds adorn this vase. . . each getting ready to dip their long beaks into the nectar of the clusters of lush violet-colored flowers. Robin's design encircles the vase so that no matter which way you turn it, you have a lovely view!

Did you know. . . Hummingbirds are the tiniest birds in the world and are the only birds that can fly forward, backwards and sideways, and hover in mid-air, and even fly upside down! Hummingbirds hear and see better than humans, yet they have little to no sense of smell. A hummingbird uses its tongue, which is grooved like the shape of a "W", to lap up nectar from flowers and feeders. Tiny hairs on the tip of the tongue help them lap up nectar. The edges of the hummingbird's top beak will overlap the edges of the hummingbird's bottom beak. Each Hummingbirds Vase is $175.


BELOW: Our popular Mouse figurine is ready to ring in the New Year! Featuring a whimsical design by Kim Barley, this 2.75" Opal Satin figurine sports white bottoms (diaper?), a blue and silver sash with 2018 and the words "happy new year" with musical notes, stars and polka dot accents on the ears. Note the cute expression on the face! This happy Mouse will make a great 2018 addition to your collection. Each Happy New Year 2018 Mouse Figurine is $75.


The sign that the orange tabby cat is holding sends a clear message to all: "BEWARE OF THE DOG"!


Designed by Michelle Kibbe, our 3.5" tall and 4" long playful puppy is sure to bring a smile to the young and young-at-heart. Note the details on the face. Each Beware of The Dog Puppy Figurine is $75.


Pre-orders for the Hummingbirds Vase, Happy New Year 2018 Mouse, and Beware of The Dog Puppy Figurines will be accepted until midnight (ET) on Wednesday, December 27, 2017.


To place your pre-order, please call the Fenton Gift Shop: 1-800-319-7793, ext. 342 or send us an email: and include the names of the items you want to purchase in the subject line as well as your full name and daytime phone number. You may also request that your email address be added to our mailing list for future Limited Edition specials!

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