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November 25, 2016

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Fenton Art Glass Presents

Black Friday & Cyber Monday Specials!




We are thankful for you, our loyal customers, and we are pleased to offer these fabulous online specials for
Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2016. . . just in time for holiday gift giving! These Fenton Art Glass online specials begin at 9 p.m. (ET) on Thursday, November 24th and end at 9 a.m. (ET) on Tuesday, November 29th! Discounts do not apply to prior orders. We have several offers and there isn't enough room to show all of them in this newsletter, so be sure to visit for the latest, including: the Creative Spirit Collection and Fenton International Anniversary glass!

Save 50% on "Retired" Fenton Art Glass Beads . . .

Shop "Retired" Beads!

Save 30% on One-of-a-Kind Designer Sample Jewelry. . .

Shop Designer Sample Jewelry!

Save 30% on Fenton Art Glass "While Supplies Last" Custom Beads. . .

Shop "While Spplies Last" Beads!

Save 50% on Sterling Silver Jewelry Accessories. . . While Supplies Last!

3mm Rope Bracelet, 4 sizes - $45.00 ea.
7", 7.5", 8", 8.5"  SPECIAL $22.50 each!

Zebra Spacer Bead - 30073
 $20, SPECIAL $10.00

Spacer Bead - 60044
  $15, SPECIAL $7.50

Tassle Necklace - 30022
$95,  SPECIAL $47.50

Shop Jewelry Accessories. . .

Black Friday Specials from Fenton Glass Jewelry. . .
Welcome to the Holiday Shopping Season! Black Friday Specials on handcrafted beads and more are on their way from Fenton Glass Jewelry. . . Arriving in your "In Box" on Friday, November 25th or visit for their latest designs for the holidays!

Be sure to check out their Holiday Gift Guide! Holiday shopping is easy when you present the gift of a Fenton Glass Jewelry e-gift card.

Fenton Gift Shop Presents. . . NEW Limited Editions

Fenton Gift Shop is pleased to offer a new selection of Limited Edition glass! Each piece features a design by our award-winning Fenton artists, and will be hand painted, signed, numbered, and dated by the artist. Included in this grouping is a 10.5" Vase and a pair of 5" long Duck figurines, each handcrafted in Opal Satin by Mosser Glass. Also included are a hand blown Opal Satin Ornament by Ron Hinkle and a 14" Opal Satin Vase made at Davis-Lynch Glass. These Limited Editions were made exclusively for the Fenton Gift Shop, using a Fenton mould and then returned to Fenton Art Glass Company where our talented artists created these wonderful designs.

Kim Barley created a lovely, heartwarming winter scene on this Opal Satin Vase. Her meticulous hand painted details include a cardinal foraging for berries in the foreground and snow covered trees that really sparkle! Each Winter's Beauty Vase is $190.


Below: Fenton Art Glass first partnered with West Virginia glass artisan Ron Hinkle in 2008 to develop marvelous blown ornaments. Fascinated by the movement and flow of molten glass, his creations have been featured on the West Virginia Governor's Christmas Tree and the Christmas Pageant of Peace trees at the White House. Ron used his glassmaking skills to create a classic Christmas tree ball ornament shape, finished with a delicate loop of applied glass.


Fenton Gift Shop is proud to once again offer these beautiful art glass ornaments. Shown at left is a beautiful 3" Ornament in crystal glass created by Ron. He rolled it in Milk Glass frit and then it was blown to give it a mottled pattern. Finally, it was lightly sandblasted for a soft satin finish.

Fenton artist Michelle Kibbe created a wonderful hand painted holiday design featuring a sprig of Holly on a green polka dot bow with scrolling red ribbon and star accents. Each ornament comes with a ribbon for hanging and is signed by Michelle and dated 2016. Each Ribbons & Holly Ornament is $65.

Pre-orders for the Winter's Beauty Vase and the Ribbons & Holly Ornament will be accepted until midnight (ET) on Monday, November 28, 2016. To order, please call the Fenton Gift Shop: 1-800-319-7793, ext. 342 or email: and include the name(s) of each item you would like to purchase in the subject line.

Robin Spindler chose the "Common Loon" for this pair of 5" long duck figurines. The male is hand painted in the signature black and white pattern, while the female for this interesting species is done is the muted browns with touches of white. Robin's hand painted details on the feathers and on the eyes are marvelous.

Did you know? Loons can dive more than 200 ft. below the water's surface in search of food. Their unusual cries vary from wails to tremolos to yodels and can be heard at great distances. If you approach too near a nesting loon or a loon with chicks it might give a “tremolo” alarm call that sounds like crazy laughter. This pair of
Common Loon Figurines is $140.

Each Limited Edition Silent Night Vase is $250 with pre-orders accepted until midnight (ET), November 30th.

This magnificent 14" Opal Satin vase provides the perfect canvas for Robin Spindler's amazing "Silent Night" scene! Robin's creativity and skill shine with her depiction of a deer family in a winter forest surrounded by Cardinals. This scene is panoramic and breathtaking no matter which view is displayed. An impressive buck deer keeps watch over the doe and fawn as snow silently falls in the forest. Robin added a brilliant gem accent as a star sparkling in the night. More views of this vase are shown in the photo below. We're sure you'll agree that the meticulously hand painted details are a tribute to Robin's talent.


Pre-orders for the Common Loons Figurine Pair and the Silent Night Vase will be accepted until midnight (ET) on Wednesday, November 30th, 2016. To order, please call the Fenton Gift Shop: 1-800-319-7793, ext. 342 or send us an email: and include the name(s) of each item you would like to purchase in the subject line. You may also request that we add your email address to Fenton Gift Shop's mailing list.

Visit Fenton Gift Shop. . .

Stop in and see our latest offerings at Fenton Gift Shop, 420 Caroline Avenue, Williamstown, WV 26187.
Items include NEW one-of-a-kind and Limited Edition glass, as well as beautiful first quality "glass from the past". . . available while supplies last! Check out the specials on handcrafted jewelry and jewelry accessories. . . available in a rainbow of colors, designs and glass treatments!

You'll find Fenton marketing material and other unique items related to the Fenton Art Glass Company's 111-year-old history. You never know what you'll uncover in our "odds and ends" section, including glassmaking tools, wooden mould "chills" and more! Call today if you are interested in any of the items shown here as they could be going, going, GONE! NOTE: If you are visiting our area, stop in the Fenton Gift Shop for "in-store only" special offerings! Fenton Gift Shop is open Wednesday-Saturday from 10 a.m.-3 p.m. ET.
Plan to visit? Please confirm store hours: 800-319-7793 or 1-304-375-7772.

Fenton Art Glass eBay Auctions. . .

Here's an opportunity to own a beautiful and unique one-of-a-kind art glass creation through our weekly eBay Auctions! This auction ends at noon (ET) on Wednesday, November 30. Items featured this week. . .
Here's your chance to enjoy a one-of-a-kind Fenton item designed by award-winning Fenton designer Frances Burton, who officially retired from Fenton in November, 2016. This 8" d. Opal Satin plate features delicate airbrushing to create the blue background for a wonderfully whimsical “Snowman” that captures the essence of Wintertime fun! The wry facial expression and colorful garb will really make this splendid plate a conversation piece in your home. This Snowman sports a bright green cap with a  red tassel and colorful red and yellow stripes. Frances also added a red scarf.

These glassmaking tools, called “pincers” by those who work with glass, are used to grasp hot glass items, usually when the item is taken out of a mould or off the blowpipe or when it is ready to be placed in an annealing lehr or kiln. These pincers are made of spring steel and are ready to be used in glassmaking. The jaws of the pincers are covered with heat-resistant Kevlar so that the metal of the tool will not mar the hot glass item. There are 5 different pinchers in this group, and we have measured both the approximate length of each pincer and the approximate width of the jaws at the widest area. (1) length 18" jaws 8" wide; (2) length 14" jaws 3.5" wide; (3) length 20.5" jaws 7" wide; (4) length 13" jaws 3.25" wide; and (5) length 19" jaws 4.25" wide. All of these pincers were used in glassmaking operations at the Fenton Art Glass Co. in Williamstown, West Virginia. These tools will be shipped FREE via USPS standard mail.

Here's another wonderful one-of-a-kind Fenton bird figurine designed and hand painted by Frances Burton. Subtle airbrushing was used to create the colorful tones on the wings and tail of this Opal Satin Songbird figurine (4" long). The hand painted floral motif on the Songbird's breast and back are beautifully hand painted, and as always, the eyes are remarkably expressive.
Click here to check out the details on each item and place your bid today! This Fenton eBay auction ends at noon (ET) on Wednesday, November 30th.

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