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September 30, 2016

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Fenton Art Glass Presents. . . Are You Ready for Some Football Style?

The college football season is underway! Show your team spirit at upcoming tailgate parties and homecoming festivities with officially licensed handcrafted collegiate art glass jewelry! In an age of mass production, Fenton remains committed to honoring the tradition of expressive, handmade creations. Shown here are just a few of the bracelet and earring selections. . . with more than 45 colleges and universities available.

Shop handcrafted bracelets and earrings available from  Designed by Jena Lane Blair and Truda "TJ" Mendenhall, each collegiate bracelet features a Milk Glass bead with an officially licensed hand applied decoration, a coordinating leather cord with two accent beads and a 2'' extender chain in silvertone. The extender chain allows the bracelet to fit most wrist sizes, from 5-3/4'' to 8-1/4''. Our stylish earrings bear the signature of handcraftsmanship; those slight variations that convey distinction, character and charm. The sterling silver "dangle" earrings feature glass accents and officially licensed artwork on a Milk Glass bead. Free Shipping via USPS!

Fenton University Collection from Fenton Glass Jewelry. . .

Shop the Fenton University Collection of glass crafted beads and more at Shopping for someone but not sure what to give them? Give the gift of choice with a Fenton Glass Jewelry e-gift card. Fenton Glass Jewelry e-gift cards are delivered by email with "how-to redeem" instructions and no additional processing fees.

Fenton Gift Shop Presents. . . NEW Limited Edition Glass!
Fenton Gift Shop is pleased to offer a new selection of Limited Editions! Each piece features a design by our award-winning Fenton artists, and will be hand painted, signed, numbered, and dated by the artist. Included in this grouping are an 11" Ruby Satin Alley Cat figurine and a 6" Owl figurine in Opal Satin, made by our friends at Mosser Glass. Also included is a 10" Vase and an 8.5" Hexagonal-shaped Vase handcrafted in Opal Satin by Davis-Lynch. These Limited Editions were made exclusively for the Fenton Gift Shop, using a Fenton mould and then returned to our factory where our talented artists created these wonderful Limited Edition designs.

Frances Burton designed a festive Poinsettia scene for this 11" tall Ruby Satin Alley Cat figurine. Her hand painted details include a gold ribbon around the neck and colorful green eyes. The lush white Poinsettia encircles the figurine. Frances added gold colored accents around the base as well as on the face.


Did you know. . . . The beautiful colored parts of poinsettias that most people think of as the flowers are actually colored bracts (modified leaves). Native to Mexico, the poinsettia is a perennial shrub and may grow up to 10-15 feet tall. Each Poinsettia Alley Cat figurine is $230.


Right: Designed by Frances Burton, the hexagonal shape of this Opal Satin vase provides the perfect glass canvas for her vining stylized floral. Frances chose a vibrant raspberry color for the blooms and yellow centers. She airbrushed the top and bottom areas of this vase in soft brown hues to complement her design.

The vining floral encircles the vase, and it is a lovely piece to display anywhere in your home or office! Each Vining Floral Opal Satin Vase is $175.


Pre-orders for the Poinsettia Alley Cat figurine and the Vining Floral Vase will be accepted until midnight (ET) on Monday, October 3rd, 2016.

You may also request that we add your email address to Fenton Gift Shop's mailing list for news about future limited edition offerings.


Michelle Kibbe's artistic talent is showcased in this dramatic scene of a buck deer jumping over a log as it runs across an open field. Her design is perfect for this Opal Satin vase. . . from the majestic mountains, blue sky and forest in the background to the rocks and fallen tree limbs to the deer itself!  Michelle added pinstripe accents with a green border top and bottom to complete this piece. Each Buck on the Run Opal Satin Vase is $175.

Robin Spindler has transformed this Opal Satin Owl figurine into an Eastern Screech-Owl, a robin-sized night bird that is common in much of the eastern part of the United States.

Did you know. . . Despite the name, screech-owls do not screech. Rather, their call sounds like whinnies and soft trills.


Note how Robin added forest green colors to the base
of the figurine. She also added the distinctive white wingtips and highlighted areas on the face.
This Eastern Screech-Owl Figurine is $95.


Pre-orders for the Buck on the Run Vase and the Eastern Screech-Owl Figurine will be accepted until midnight (ET) on Wednesday, October 5th, 2016.

Please contact Fenton Gift Shop:

1-800-319-7793, ext. 342 or email:

You may also request that we add your email address to Fenton Gift Shop's mailing list for news about future limited edition offerings.


Visit Fenton
ift Shop. . .

Stop in and see our latest offerings at Fenton Gift Shop, 420 Caroline Avenue, Williamstown, WV 26187.

Items include NEW one-of-a-kind and Limited Edition selections, as well as excellent first quality "glass from the past". . . available while supplies last (there is usually just one available of each piece)!
Be sure to check out specials

on handcrafted jewelry, including Designer Sample beads and pendants, art glass earrings and jewelry accessories. . . available in a rainbow of colors, designs and glass treatments! There is a nice selection of Fenton marketing material and other unique items related to the Fenton Art Glass Company's 111-year-old history. You never know what you'll find in our "odds and ends" section, including glassmaking tools, wooden mould "chills" and more! Call today if you are interested in any of the items shown here as they may be going, going, GONE! Fenton Gift Shop is open Wednesday-Saturday from

10 a.m.- 3 p.m. ET. Planning a visit? We suggest you call to confirm store hours: 1-800-319-7793 or 1-304-375-7772.

Fenton Art Glass
eBay Auctions. . .

Here's an opportunity to own a unique, rare, or one-of-a-kind art glass creation or hand crafted jewelry, through our weekly eBay Auctions!
Items featured this week. . .


There is just one phrase to describe this one-of-a-kind hand painted Favrene Amphora Vase from award-winning Fenton designer Robin Spindler: "Simply Fantastic!" The hand painted woodland scene is marvelous in every way, from the majestic buck deer to the does depicted elsewhere. The vase itself is 12.5" tall, and the overall height with stand is about 16". To say the least, this Favrene amphora vase really makes a statement!

Favrene, a classic Fenton color, is characterized by a vivid iridescence that is obtained by special ingredients on the glass and innovative glassmaking techniques.

With Fall arriving here in Williamstown, can Halloween be far behind? Fenton artist Frances Burton created and hand painted this wonderful one-of-a-kind ornament that will be perfect for your Halloween decorating. Her whimsical depiction of a ghost, a scaredy cat and a smiling pumpkin will delight all those who see it. Made of Autumn Gold glass, this ornament is 3" in diameter. This one-of-a-kind ornament is dated "Halloween 2016" on the front and identified and signed on the reverse side.

With Fall arriving here in Williamstown, it's time to think of Halloween, so Fenton artist Frances Burton designed and hand painted a splendid one-of-a-kind paperweight pair for this festive Fall time. The paperweights each measure 3" wide and 3.5" tall and are handcrafted crystal glass that has been airbrushed to create a yellow-topaz tone. The hand painted pumpkins really capture all of the spirit of Halloween with those mischievous expressions! Each paperweight is a one-of-a-kind and is dated 2016 on the front and identified and signed on the underside. Click here to check out the details on each item and place your bid today! This Fenton eBay auction ends at noon (ET) on Wednesday, October 5th.

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Handcrafted Bohemian
Black Carnival Glass Drop Earrings
Regular Price: $45
Online Special Price: $36
Buy Now!


Express yourself with our Bohemian Black Carnival Glass Drop Earrings! All earwires are stainless steel. The antique brass styles have gold plating over the stainless wires. Designed by Jena Lane Blair, these art glass earrings were made and assembled in West Virginia. In an age of mass production, Fenton remains committed to honoring the tradition of expressive, handmade creations.

Each Fenton Art Glass earring bears the signature of handcraftsmanship; those slight variations that convey distinction, character and charm. Free Shipping on this item!

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