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October 22
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(Williamstown, WV, October 22, 2012). Here is an update regarding Fenton Art Glass, the Fenton Gift Shop, and USGlass, Inc.

First, some background: On May 24, the Fenton Gift Shop, which is a separate corporation from the glass company, purchased selected assets of the glass company. These assets included the company name, logos and trademarks; glass forming moulds and tools; and proprietary glass formulas and other intellectual property. The glass factory (land and buildings) has not been sold, and all of the moulds are stored in the factory. Production of Fenton glass beads continues Monday-Friday at the plant in Williamstown. The Fenton Gift Shop is open daily, and the Fenton Museum is essentially unchanged.

Since that time in May, both the glass company and the Fenton Gift Shop have worked closely with USGlass, Inc., to determine the future of glass production at the factory and the nature of agreements among USGlass, Fenton Art Glass, and the Fenton Gift Shop.
USGlass, Inc., is a recently formed corporation headed by Gene Bem, and he and various members of the USGlass investment and design teams have spent many hours with us in Williamstown over the past several months.
Agreements have been reached on the details of the relationships between the parties including a mix of licensing, leasing and purchase. Final implementation still awaits USGlass raising sufficient capital to restart production. USGlass is very interested in initiating glassmaking, and its officials are now considering a wide variety of products, ranging from tableware to limited edition art glass.

Collectors have concerns about the future of Fenton glass, and we understand and appreciate those concerns. Based on our discussions with USGlass, we believe they are also sensitive to these concerns and they want to increase the value of the Fenton brand.

Regardless of how the future develops, we believe that there will always be enthusiasm for Fenton glass from the past and that the Fenton collector clubs will continue to perpetuate that interest. The collector clubs devoted to Cambridge, Duncan-Miller, Heisey or Imperial glass do a great job of maintaining interest in the products of those historic American glass manufacturers. We expect to welcome Fenton collectors to
Williamstown just as we have done in the past.

Whenever there is something to report, we will post a "News Update" on the Fenton web site:

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