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February 28, 2015

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Fenton USA Presents. . . Handcrafted Beads
Now Available: Retired. . .While Supplies Last!

From their hands to your heart, our talented glass artists delight in creating new designs and colors for our art glass jewelry. Therefore, each year we must "retire" a certain number of our handcrafted beads to allow room for new styles. Shown below are a few of the selections from our newly updated list of "Retired. . . While Supplies Last" Beads.


Since a very much anticipated (at least in our part of the country!) Spring arrives on March 20, we are showcasing our selection of retired beads with a "bird" theme in the hand applied decoration. These beads were all designed by Truda "TJ" Mendenhall. Match a bead to your favorite bird!

To view the complete "Retired . . .While Supplies Last" Beads listing, click here. Please keep in mind that these beads may be very limited in quantity and are available "while supplies last" and quantities are subject to change daily! You may order these beads from our website or from your favorite Fenton dealer. To locate a Fenton dealer near you, click here.

Click on each image for details on each of these "Retired. . .While Supplies Last" Fenton Beads - remaining quantities of 10 or fewer:

Downy Woodpecker


Bluebird on Dogwood

Robin on Forsythia

Song of the Cherry Blossoms

Click on each image for details on each of these "Retired. . .While Supplies Last" Fenton Beads - remaining quantities above 10:

Chickadee on
Cherry Blossoms

Fluffy Baby Blue Jay

Home Sweet Home

Nuthatch on Berries


Fenton USA Jewelry Artist Profile. . . Truda "TJ" Mendenhall

Each piece of Fenton jewelry with a hand applied decoration has the initials of the artist who completed it. The design for our beads are created by Truda "TJ" Mendenhall. Truda comes up with the intricate designs for our handcrafted art glass jewelry. She strives to create innovating and on-trend designs for our line of wearable art glass jewelry. Each collection offers her a challenge to create something unique that will coordinate well with the current fashions and build on Fenton's existing color palette.

Since childhood, Truda has painted and drawn tiny, intricate designs. She studied art in college and did arts & crafts throughout the years. She worked as a decorator for the traditional glassware line at Fenton Art Glass for more than 30 years. Being detail oriented helps her now as she meticulously handpaints her beautiful designs on the tiny glass bead canvas.

Fenton USA Jewelry Presents a "Winning Look" with Lady Luck and Dominoes. . .
Our pre-assembled modular jewelry provides less clutter and more style!
Our design team created multiple styles, starting with a basic piece of fine sterling, and added varying sizes and colors of the handcrafted glass beads. Fenton jewelry is handcrafted with quality and durability using a wide array of hand applied ceramic decorations and unique molten glass treatments.

Shown here are the Lady Luck Necklace (11495) and Dominoes Earrings (10999). This winning set includes a sterling silver 18" Hammered Cable Necklace "pre-assembled" with a sterling Pendant Vertical Beadholder, two CZs Spacers,
and three Fenton beads: Queen of Hearts, Lady Luck and Broadway. These pieces are also sold separately. Truda "TJ" Mendenhall created the handpainted designs and Jena Lane Blair designed the Vasa Murrhina and Precious Metal beads and the three-dimensional Dominoes Earrings. Dominoes Earrings feature Swarovski gem accents and nickel free earwire. Browse the pages of our 2015 catalog to view all of our lovely handcrafted jewelry selections.

Fenton Gift Shop Taking Orders for Limited Edition Vases. . .
Fenton Gift Shop is taking orders on the two beautiful limited edition vases shown below. Manufactured by our friends at Blenko Glass as a Fenton Gift Shop Limited Edition (using a Fenton Art Glass mould), each vase was handpainted by award-winning Fenton designer Frances Burton.

Cobalt Satin "Peacock Feather" Vase
$250 each, fewer than seven available!

Tangerine "Barn" Vase
$245 each, fewer than 15 available!

Frances chose a "peacock feather" design for the 9-1/2" Cobalt Satin vase. Fewer than seven of these vases are available at $250 each. Frances signed, dated and numbered each vase.


The subtle shades of Tangerine glass provide an unique canvas for the rustic barn and country lane scene on this
9-1/2" vase. This Tangerine "Barn" vase is $245 and limited to fewer than 15 pieces. As with the Cobalt Satin piece, each vase is signed, numbered and dated by Frances Burton.

Both vases are available to order until 11:59 p.m. on Monday, March 2nd. To place your order for one or both of these vases, please call the Fenton Gift Shop at 1-800-319-7793, ext. 342 or email: You may also request to have your email added to a mailing list in order to receive future notifications of limited editions as they become available.

During March, Fenton Gift Shop will be open on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. (ET).  Fenton Gift Shop will be closed on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. Hours listed are "weather permitting" and we suggest you call to confirm these hours before planning your visit.

Frequent Buyer Program. . . Earn YOUR Free Limited Edition Bead!
Here's your opportunity to receive a beautiful limited edition bead absolutely FREE! Simply purchase ten beads from any authorized Fenton jewelry dealer or from our website: and you'll qualify for a bonus bead! Click here for details! We are now offering the limited edition Gracie (decorated) and Mikayla (Vasa Murrhina) beads shown at right. Click here to view our handcrafted art glass beads. NOTE: If you have purchased ten beads, let us know if we haven't notified you. . . please send us an email at and put Frequent Buyer Qualifier in the subject line.

Fenton eBay Auctions. . .
Here's your opportunity to own a unique, rare, one-of-a-kind or designer sample piece of glass, through our weekly eBay Auctions!

Items featured this week. . .


Shown at left are three items featured this week: a Cobalt Satin Vase with a farmstead in winter scene (Designer Sample) and a "Happiness Bird" figurine in Ocean glass with lovely florals (one-of-a-kind), each handpainted design by Frances Burton. Also included in this week's auction is a uniquely handpainted one-of-a-kind glass Iceberg Paperweight by J. K. "Robin" Spindler. This auction ends on Wednesday, March 4th.

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Custom Designed Beads

Get Your "Irish" On with
Fenton Handcrafted Jewelry!

Top o' the Morning Bead (Green)
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Wee Bit Irish Bead (Milk Glass)
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Wee Bit Irish Earrings

with Swarovski Gem Accents
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