Set of Six Reference Books on Fenton Art Glass
Includes Fenton 1st, 2nd, 3rd 25 Years, 80s/90s Decade and QVC Books

Here's your opportunity to acquire the Best Deal Ever on reference books about Fenton Glass! We have  complete sets of six paperback books that cover the history of the Fenton Art Glass Company from 1905 to 1999/2002 and illustrate our products in great color photos. Just $79 (U.S.) for the six-book set, complete with various price guides and shipped to you postpaid via U. S. Postal Service Priority Mail!

These books were prepared with the full cooperation of Fenton family members, so you'll read some great stories and learn a lot about Fenton glass. All of  these books are in "as new" condition with the contents bright and shiny. Even if you already own one or more of these books, this is a great opportunity to acquire additional copies that are just as fresh as the day they were printed! These books are included in the six-book set:

Fenton Glass: The First 25 Years (William Heacock, covers 1905-32) originally $29.95. This book covers the founding of the company to early catalog reprints and the Depression Years. Included is a Fenton Glass Carnival Pattern Guide and a listing of the colors Fenton made in Carnival glass. Also covered:  Chocolate Glass, Fenton Opalescent, Animals, Karnak Red Art Glass, Stretch Glass, and more! The book was authored by the late William Heacock, a featured columnist for The Antique Trader Weekly and a contributing editor of the Glass Collector's Digest.

Fenton Glass: The Second 25 Years (Heacock, covers 1930-55), originally $29.95. Topics covered include the Depression years, catalog reprints, major Fenton product lines and the leadership change in 1948. Colors illustrated include: Mandarin Red and Flame; Mongolian Green; Periwinkle Blue; Ebony; Jade Green; Chinese Yellow; Ruby; Royal Blue; Ming and San Toy; Rose; Amber; Satin Poinsettia and Silverton; and Opalescent colors.

Fenton Glass: The Third 25 Years (Heacock, Edited by Frank M. Fenton and James Measell, covers 1956-80) originally $29.95. This book provides the Fenton Art Glass Company company history from 1956 through 1980, catalog reprints, ware numbers, and color codes. The book illustrates many patterns and items most likely to be encountered by today's Fenton collectors as well as some unusual pieces. Among the patterns illustrated are: Cactus, Coin Dot, Hobnail, Thumbprint, and Rose. Colors shown in this book include: Opalescent glass in Cranberry, Plum and Topaz; Wild Rose and Opaque Blue; Overlay and Opaque colors; Goldenrod; Jamestown Blue; Silver Jamestown; Blue Marble; Burmese; Vasa Murrhina; Colonial Pink; and Jonquil Yellow. Also illustrated are Bicentennial Glass and Robert Barber Art Glass pieces.

Fenton Glass: The 1980s Decade (Edited by James Measell) originally $34.95. Chapters in this book trace the changes and developments in both the people and the products of the Fenton Art Glass Company throughout the 1980s. Other elements of the Fenton story, ranging from collectible glass (Connoisseur Collection and Mother's Day and Christmas editions) and special products to Fenton's diversification ventures (QVC), are the focus in later chapters of the book.

Fenton Glass: The 1990s Decade (Measell) originally $34.95. The 1990s Decade covers the following topics: Company Growth 1990-1999; The Fenton line; Historic Collection colors; Connoisseur Collection; Family Signature Series; Easter and Christmas Limited Editions; Carnival Glass; Special Products; and Fenton and QVC. Colors covered include Cranberry, Mulberry, Sea Mist Green, Jade Opaline, Petal Pink, Twilight Blue, Milk Glass, Plum, Rose Pearl, Ocean Blue, Fuschia, Rose Magnolia, Misty Blue, Aquamarine, Dusty Rose, and more.

Fenton Glass: Especially for QVC (Measell covers 1988-2002) originally $36.95. This book catalogs the history of glass produced exclusively for QVC, from the first show in spring of 1988 through Bill Fenton's retirement show and the introduction of the 2002 Charleton Collection, through August 2002. More than 1350 items are shown. Authored by James Measell.



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