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Fenton Art Glass to Commemorate 100th Anniversary

(Williamstown, WV). Fenton Art Glass, the largest manufacturer of handmade color art glass in the United States, will mark its 100 anniversary in 2005. Special event planning to commemorate the significant anniversary has already started. Anniversary events will continue throughout 2005, including family signings, collector events and a large celebration at the Fenton factory in Williamstown, WV in August.

"When my grandfather and his brother started Fenton Art Glass at the turn of the last century, it was their desire to enhance the glass making industry," said George Fenton, President, Fenton Art Glass. "That mission and dedication to quality workmanship has carried through to the present day where we have multiple generations working together to produce high quality decorative glass in the tradition that my grandfather started."

Founded in 1905 as a glass decorating company, the company soon discovered the benefits of producing glass itself without having to depend on other glass manufacturers. In 1907, the company moved into a new factory in Williamstown, where the company headquarters, factory and gift shop are still located today.

A family business since Its inception, leadership for Fenton Art Glass was passed to its third generation in 1986. Today, Fenton family members­including 10 members of the second, third and fourth generations­work together with 450 employees to create an ever changing variety of handmade and hand painted glass. Fenton products are available for sale in over 5000 retail shops across the United States and in several foreign countries as well as on the television shopping network QVC.

Throughout its history, Fenton has been a leader in the art glass industry. Its "iridescent" glass, first marketed in 1907, is now known as "Carnival" glass and a popular collectible today. Focusing on quality and artistry, Fenton sculptors, designers and artists work together to craft unique, meticulous designs often requiring more than 15 glass craftsmen to produce just one piece.

Over the years, the company has evolved without compromising quality or craftsmanship. Utilizing techniques developed with the dawn of the glass making industry, Fenton glassmakers produce products in the tradition of centuries past.

"We have always believed in maintaining the technique of hand made glass," Fenton said. "It is a craft, an art form, that our collectors and customers have come to expect for a century. Being handmade allows us to make special colors, shapes, and treatments that cannot be made by machine."

Throughout the years, the company has grown to offer more opportunities for novice and aficionado glass collectors alike. The Fenton Factory tour is ranked as one of the top ten factory tours by USA Today. For more details about the Fenton Art Glass Company's 100th anniversary, go to www.fentonartglass.com


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Visitors to Fenton Art Glass will find a spacious Gift Shop and a pleasant museum. Free factory tours (M-F 8:15am to 4:00pm) take small groups of guests right out to the factory floor to see glassmaking "up close and personal." Friendly, knowledgeable tour guides explain all aspects of the operation. The Fenton tour has been ranked among the "top 10" factory tours nationwide by USA Today. In addition we have been named Rand McNally Best of the Road for 2006. For a factory tour schedule, click here. For a map, click here.


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