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The 2013 collection of Fenton Handmade in USA jewelry is now shipping to Fenton dealers throughout the country. Images below link to currently available beads and Teardrop earrings. You may also order through your local Fenton dealer. Click here to locate a Fenton dealer near you!

Fenton is pleased to offer this exciting grouping, which includes Three Dimensional, Vasa Murrhina, Encased, Precious Metals, and new handpainted designs from Jena
Lane Blair, Truda Mendenhall and our team of talented jewelry craftsmen and women.


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(shown at right): April Garden Focal Bead paired with Copenhagen Encased bead on a necklace; Five popular bead designs are shown below the necklace.
Inside Front Cover: Art for a Lifetime. . .
brought to you by the Fenton Jewelry Team.

Pages 3-4: Vasa Murrhina - This Fenton Art Glass treatment from the 1960s lives again in wearable art!
Pages 4-5: Aurora - Swirls of color and gold create a shim
mering aura.
Pages 5-6: Three Dimensional
- "Painting" with molten glass becomes dimensional art glass jewelry. Tumbled for three hours to assure durability
Pages 6-7: Precious Metals
- Using metal infused glass to create unique and different effects.
Page 7: Mosaic - 3D art painted with molten glass then rolled into a smooth surface. The embedded glass forms a mosaic pattern.
Page 8: Iridescent Carnival Glass - Beads sprayed with metallic salts make them as lustrous as a rainbow.
Page 9: Handpainted and Three Dimensional - Unique, wearable art created by the collaborative imaginations of our talented Fenton designers,
Jena Lane Blair and Truda "TJ" Mendenhall.
Page 10-12: Handpainted - Truda designs all of the intricately handpainted Fenton beads and works out the technical specs to insure each bead's beauty and durability.
Page 13: Glassato - Sparking coralene glass is melted into multi-hued beads and our larger Focal Beads - If a picture paints a thousand words, imagine the striking conversations these unique Focal beads will start!
Page 15: Encased - Eye-catching beads featuring a thick layer of clear glass floating over a multi-color glass design...the result is prismatic and light reflecting!
Page 16: Cubesque - Thinking "outside" the box and Bead-tweens - the name says it all!
Page 17: Handpainted Teardrop Earrings - Our handpainted earrings are designed by Truda Mendenhall and created by Tim Reynolds. Each handpainted Teardrop earring is initialed by the artist.
Page 18-19: Classic Teardrop earrings are available in every color under the rainbow and now come in three fashionable findings: Classic, Hoop Style and Textured Frame.
Back cover: Custom Design Program for Fenton handmade in USA Beads - great way to commemorate a special event or show fan spirit, a unique fundraising idea and they make extraordinary corporate gifts!

Inside Front Cover

Page 3 - Vasa Murrhina

Page 4 - Vasa Murrhina/Aurora

Page 5 - Aurora/Three Dimensional

Page 6 - Three Dimensional/Precious Metals

Page 7 - Precious Metals/Mosaic

Page 8 - Iridescent Carnival Glass

Page 9 - Handpainted/Three Dimensional

Page 10 - Handpainted

Page 11 - Handpainted

Page 12 - Handpainted

Page 13 - Glassato/Focal

Page 14 - Testimonial

Page 15 - Encased/Testimonial

Page 16 - Cubesque/Bead-Tweens


Page 17 - Teardrop Earrings - Handpainted

Page 18 - Teardrop Earrings

Page 19 - Teardrop Earrings/Fashionable Findings

Page 20 - Custom Designs

Custom Designs:
Great fundraising idea! Perfect way
to commemorate special events and
show fan spirit! Click here for details.

Fenton Frequent Buyer Program:
Earn a FREE bead for every 10-bead purchase!
Click here for details.

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