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 Summer 2012 Collection
Fenton "Made in America" Handcrafted Glass Jewelry

Please browse the pages of our Summer 2012 Jewelry Collection catalog. You may order this collection online through the Fenton web site: or through your local Fenton dealer.
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Included in this offering are exciting additions to our bead and Teardrop earring line. Fenton is proud to introduce new Precious Metal bead designs by award-winning glass artisan Terry Henry. Fenton designer Jena Lane Blair also created a beautiful new bead for this grouping. The unique beauty of these Precious Metal designs adds a new dimension to glass beads.


Fenton is proud to introduce two new Focal beads, designed by Jena Lane Blair. The Elven Woods and Glacier Focal beads are impressive, not only in size (at nearly 1'' in length!) but in their beauty. You'll be amazed at the myriad of color within these beads. Our new Encased beads have a thick layer of clear glass floating over a design made of multiple colors of glass and are almost prismatic in how they reflect light. The Sea Treasures Pearlized beads, designed by Jena Lane Blair, have a soft, satin luster inspired by nature's treasures from the ocean. New styles and designs for Vasa Murrhina, Three Dimensional, Cubesque, and handpainted beads are also included in this Summer 2012 Jewelry Collection. Click here to view the entire Fenton Made in America jewelry collection by ware#.


Choose the perfect designs for any occasion with exciting additions to our Teardrop earring collection! Every one of our colorful glass drops will now offered in three unique styles: Architectural Frame, Oval Hoop, and the Original Teardrop design. Simply choose any glass Teardrop earring in our collection, then select your earring style: dressier Architectural Frame (0F prefix on item#), larger Oval Hoop (0H prefix on item #) or the casual original (0H prefix on item#) Teardrop style. Your favorite colors and handpainted designs may now be purchased in all three styles of Teardrop earrings to suit your mood of the moment!


Pg. 1: Precious Metals beads by designed by award-winning glass artist Terry Henry; Pg 2: Precious Metals, Focal, Encased, Cubesque, and Vasa Murrhina beads designed by Jena Lane Blair; Pg 3: Three Dimensional and Cubesque beads designed by Jena Lane Blair and handpainted bead designs by Truda ''TJ'' Mendenhall;
Pg 4: Sea Treasures Pearlized beads designed by Jena Lane Blair and new Teardrop earring styles and handpainted designs.

Made in America Fenton Beads & Earrings

Beads - Pg. 2

Beads - Pg. 3 - Jena Lane Blair


Beads and Teardrop Earrings - Pg. 4

New Hoop and Frame Earring Styles Coming Soon!

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