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2012 Collection Fenton "Made in America"

Handcrafted Glass Beads and Teardrop Earrings

Please browse through the pages of the 2012 Made in America Handcrafted Glass Beads and Teardrop Earrings catalog shown below. When you see an item you like, simply click on it. You will be linked to the item's detail page where you can learn more about the item and add it to your shopping cart. NOTE: If the item you want to view is not available online, please check with your local Fenton dealer. Click here to locate a Fenton dealer near you. Items temporarily out of stock may not have active links or may show a different item. Please check back on those items. Click here to view the entire collection by ware#.


Cover; Pg 2: Introduction and George Fenton profile; Pg 3: Table of Contents; Pg 4: Beads: Carnival and handpainted styles; Pg 5: Beads: Handpainted Styles and Truda Mendenhall profile; Pg 6: Beads: Handpainted and Glass Frit styles; Pg 7: Beads: Jena Lane Blair profile; Pg 8: Beads: Glassato and Vasa Murrhina styles;
Pg 9: Beads: Vasa Murrhina style and Michelle Kibbe profile; Pg 10: Beads: Aurora and Three Dimensional styles; Pg 11: Beads: The Birds and Bees and More handpainted styles and Sue Jackson profile; Pg 12: Teardrop Earrings Introduction and Handpainted styles; Pg 13: Teardrop Earring Styles and Tim Reynolds profile; Pg 14: Teardrop Earring styles; Pg 15: Fenton Craftsmanship story and profiles of Pat Gollinger,
Brenda Dotson, Coty Beaver, and Charlie Porter; Pg 16: Back Cover (shown above).

Made in America Fenton Beads & Earrings

Beads - Pg. 3

Beads - Pg. 5 - Truda Mendenhall

Beads - Pg. 2

Beads - Pg. 4

Beads - Pg. 6

Beads - Pg. 7 - Jena Lane Blair


Beads - Pg. 9 - Michelle Kibbe


Beads - Pg. 11

Teardrop Earrings  - Pg. 13

Fenton Handcrafted Story  - Pg. 15

Beads - Pg. 8

Beads - Pg. 10


Teardrop Earrings  - Pg. 12

Teardrop Earrings  - Pg. 14

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