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For more than a century, Fenton has been known for its expertise as producers of fine quality handcrafted glass in color. The introduction of colored glass designs into Fenton International is a response to dealer requests to use our expertise to become the premier supplier of colored glass from around the world, as well as from America. Fenton International features handcrafted artistic gifts from around the world. Items range from ceramics and glass to fiberglass products. Each glass piece will bear the Fenton International Logo. The production has been personally checked by a member of the Fenton staff.

The Celadon collection from Fenton International is a color and treatment whose time is now. The amazing reactive glaze updates a color revered for thousands of years. The delicately crinkled edges and contemporary shapes have an urban chic appeal. This collection is extremely durable and can be used in the oven and in the microwave. The Celadon collection includes dinner and salad plates, serving bowls, nested platters, creamer and sugar, teapot, and more.

Golden Sand. Drifts of gold sand move across the face of a milk white background. Each shape is both attractive and functional. The Golden Sand line includes a bowl, three vases, and an urn. Each Golden Sand piece will bear the Fenton International Logo and the production has been personally checked by a member of the Fenton staff.

Golden Stripe is a new glass line from Fenton International for 2008. Each shape is both attractive and functional. A flowing ribbon of gold glass splits a snowy surface that can only be made by hand. Sleek silhouettes for the contemporary home, the Golden Stripe line includes a footed bowl and four vases.

Pear ... designed by Romy and Clare. This collection of functional ceramics features smart, sophisticated styling while maintaining the Fenton handcrafted appearance. Romy and Clare used oversized scale and unique pattern combinations to create eye-popping decorative accessories for the home. Romy and Clare are lifelong friends who became creative partners and formed their own business, Romy and Clare Creative Clay, in 1995. They are members of the prestigious Guild. Their Pear design has a large following in galleries.

Jazz up your holiday with the Christmas Whimsy collection from Fenton International. This eye-catching collection includes cute snowmen (shown at right), cone-shaped Santas and decorated Trees, each with a unique whimsical design by Fenton designer Stacy Williams. Made with fiberglass and painted in bright colors, pearl paints and lots of glitter, these pieces are durable and lightweight.

Halloween. Our brightly colored fiberglass Halloween collection is sure to brighten any room. The sculptures are modeled after successful Fenton figurines. Items include a Moon with a Witch flying on a broomstick; two sizes of Ghosts and Pumpkinhead figurines and our Fraidy Cat. In fiberglass they are very impressive! Mix and match with Fenton USA glass figurines for a delightful Halloween display!

High Relief Fused Glass by Anne Nye. The high relief Fused Glass by Anne Nye is pure, kiln-fired glass, sculpturally layered for texture and vibrant color! An artist all her life, Anny Nye found her calling a decade ago with vibrant fused glass creations. The process begins when Anne layers individually handcut glass chips over a glass base to form brilliant pieces with a nature theme. Some become wall art, some will be positioned to stand to light up a room or end table, and others will perform functional duties as dishes, plates, or serving bowls and platters. When the pieces are carefully layered in place, it is then placed in a kiln. The temperature reaches 1400 degrees before it begins a long, slow cooling process. The sharp glass edges then become softly rounded, the colors with the layers are fused together to form depth, texture, detail, and personality.

Our popular Anniversary Glass collection features a floral design. Each flower is hand cut into the glass using special wheels. The precious metal lettering is applied and fired into the glass. Finally, each design is handpainted and fired again to create the brilliantly sparkling image.

Blue Odyssey is made with a layer of deep blue glass which flows over a rich purple core to create the background for individual works of art. There are nine different vase shapes, each with a distinctive hand cut pattern created by Fenton designer Stacy Williams. "We have more than a century of design and color expertise, so we decided to use that expertise to become the premier supplier of colored glass from around the world," said Fenton Art Glass Company President George Fenton. Each piece will bear the Fenton International Logo

Christmas Ornaments. Each ornament is a replica of a Fenton glass figurine and is decorated in designs created by Fenton artists. Ornament shapes include those shown at left as well as representations of our much loved Snow People and animal figurines. Individually packaged in a window box with gold tissue, these ornaments make a unique gift for someone special or yourself! According to an old German tradition, including a Bird ornament on your tree ensures happiness and joy, an Angel ornament is for God's guidance in the home, and a Santa ornament is for unselfishness and goodwill.

Gold Ruby. This highly requested color has new designs and a simple beauty that complements its rich color. Prominent tableware manufacturers in the 1880 used the words "Gold Ruby" to describe a unique glass color that could only be made as blown ware. Pure gold dissolved in a mixture of two strong acids created a liquid which was then added to the dry raw materials of a glass batch (silica sand, soda ash, and lime). The resulting rich, red glass is still a favorite among collectors today. Our Gold Ruby collection from Fenton International includes original shapes ranging from bowls and baskets to pitchers and vases. Quality is a top priority, and we worked closely with an experienced glass manufacturer in China to create these distinctive, attractive items for the Gold Ruby line. Each hand blown piece is stamped with the Fenton International logo.

Optics is truly artistic handmade glass. Few glass manufacturers in the world can make this special glass that becomes white only in areas where it has been cooled and reheated. These functional pieces feature retro designs at a reasonable price. Intense jewel tones of green and violet are layered with opalescent glass to form the white to whispy oval patterns. Beautiful vases, bowls and candle votives for everyday use in the home. The Fenton International logo is on the bottom of each piece.


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PEAR by Romy and Clare