Fenton Decoration Designer

Truda "TJ" Mendenhall comes up with the intricate handpainted designs for Fenton handcrafted glass beads and Teardrop earrings. She strives to create innovating and on-trend designs for our line of wearable art glass jewelry. Each collection offers her a challenge to create something unique that will coordinate well with the current fashions and build on Fenton's existing color palette.

Since childhood, Truda has painted and drawn tiny, intricate designs. She studied art in college and did arts & crafts throughout the years. She worked as a decorator for the traditional glassware line at Fenton Art Glass for more than 30 years. Being detail oriented helps her now as she meticulously handpaints her beautiful designs on the tiny glass bead canvas. Each handpainted Fenton bead has the initials of the artist who completed it.


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