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To Fenton Art Glass Collectors and Jewelry Fans,


Fenton USA Jewelry is pleased to announce a new relationship with the John Barton Company of Philadelphia, PA. Our goal is to increase our product offerings and marketing reach and we are very excited about the prospects.

 John Barton markets fine menís jewelry. Len Davis, owner of John Barton, and his staff are also very interested in glass and all of its potential. Their current business is built around major national retailers and includes a number of name designer lines. They have a strong design staff who will be working to bring new design directions to the Fenton Art Glass Jewelry brand, starting in 2016. This background will be a very good fit with the special history and skills of Fenton.

See for an overview of their current products.


We are pleased to introduce a line of cufflinks from John Barton. These cufflinks include unique styles. Shown below are cufflinks created with glass as a major element. John Barton's cufflink designs are very distinctive and high quality.


Best personal regards,


George W. Fenton

NOTE: Shown below are a selection of Daniel Dulce Cufflinks from John Barton Company.  Click on each image to order. These cufflinks represent
understated elegance, a refined taste level, and beautiful quality with an international look. . . the collective expression of Daniel Dolce Italy. Cognizant of price value relationships, Daniel Dolce jewelry represents the opening price point of the luxury market with artisan made goods.

Expressive, Handmade Creations!

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